XNXX Story Site Got Hacked

As of yesterday, May 5, the XNXX story site got hacked.  Since the updates to the website regarding all the new “censorship” rules, stories are now being published nearly instantaneously.  Thanks to no one minding the store any more, this has allowed a user going by at least 2 usernames of “myfletch” and “myfletch2”  to post a “story” that not only redirects anyone going to the home story site page to a malicious site, but now it is being reported that the code may also contain a virus or the page that you are redirected to is planting viruses.  Members are going nuts, reports have been issued to the owners of XN, but so far it has been more than 24 hours since the hack and nothing has been done or said.

More updates as they become available.  It is being suggested that visitors stay clear of the story site for another 24 hours with hopes that the issue will be resolved by then.

UPDATE:   the member who told us about how the redirection was done also showed us how easy it was to do.  Now, thanks to his actions, the story site redirects you to the “You’ve Been Hacked” thread on the forum of XN, which is much better than being redirected to a malicious site.  Of course, this redirection will only work until the original hacker submits a new “story” that has another redirect code in it.  For now, you are still being redirected from the story site of XN, but instead of going to some bogus site selling viagra you are being redirected to the thread on the XN community forum that tells all about the hack.  Reports have been sent to the owners/admins of the site and we assume something will be done soon. 

UPDATE 2:  It appears that the problem has been solved, at least for the time being, and anyone going to the story site of XN will actually get to stay on the site rather than being redirected.  Of course, this could change at any given time, especially if the hacker is that determined to toss a monkey wrench into the workings of the website.  For now, at least, readers can safely surf back to the site.

UPDATE 3 for 5/7/11:  It would appear that our hacker friend is back and now, instead of the story page of XN redirecting you to a malicious site, the hacker now has the homepage of XN stories planting viruses on unsuspecting visitors’ computers.  So, once again readers, do NOT go to the home page of XN stories.  We -think- that clicking directly on the link of an author’s profile will be safe, so long as you don’t visit the home page of stories.xnxx.com    More updates will be made as they become available to the general members.

UPDATE 4:  5/11/11  So far as we know, the site has now been fixed and is up and running smoothly once again.  We are crossing our fingers that the new patch has fixed the hacker problem, allowing for blissful reading from here on out.

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